Even mature, seasoned professionals experience doubt and confusion. As you advance in your career, you experience additional pressure and expectations not just from professional demands, but also from yourself. You have ups and downs, forget your value, stop doing what makes you happy and get burned out. You’re smart and successful, and you need someone to process your life with and help you remember.


I coach team leaders, professionals and executives on balancing responsibility, service and self-care. I am certified by both the International Coach Federation as a PCC and the Coaches Training Institute as a CPCC.

"Leslie is the world’s greatest coach. This may seem like an exaggeration, but in my world, over the past year, this is the truth. My work with Leslie has helped me to realize some pretty big professional goals, particularly around leadership. I can see my power again thanks to her."  
Olivia Affuso, PhD, FACSM
Doctor of Epidemiology, Tenured Associate Professor and Researcher of Physical Activity, TEDx/TEDNYC Speaker, and Ultrarunner


We’ve all attended conferences or off-site retreats where the speakers are well-intentioned and smart, but lack the ability to engage us, the audience. People are sitting all-day, restless and tuned out. Sometimes it seems like the photo-op of them at the microphone is more important than truly connecting with us. We organize and attend events so people will learn something. Let’s make that happen.


I’m adept at engaging people in learning and dialogue while staying neutral and supportive of the bigger picture, not my own agenda. 


I am a professional facilitator of Open Space Technology, a beloved methodology that inspires large-group dialogue and quickly exposes the “pulse” or passion of the masses.


For example, I co-facilitated a training session on Open Space Technology and here’s what the course creator said:

"While it is nice to have credentials, the real important thing about Leslie is that she really KNOWS facilitation and she is an extremely sincere teacher who always works to serve the learning of each and every student."
Daniel Mezick, 
Founder of Open Space Agility and New Technology Solutions
Author of The Culture Game


You and I both know that a lot of the efforts that people make in business just don’t work, particularly when it comes to managing people - every business's greatest asset.
People try to organize projects and lead teams, but there’s still so much dysfunction. We've all been there. The business idea is great, but people just can't seem to work and play well with one another. 
Stress is high, focus is low, results are questionable, and success is tentative. It doesn't have to be that way.


I have created and delivered hundreds of training sessions for a diverse range of clients. Regardless of place or industry, here’s what actually works: People are more successful when they are open-minded, curious about others, use proven facilitation skills, and can engage others in a meaningful process.   


I deliver trainings that teach team leaders and members how to actually work together.


For example, I teach an immersion course on Facilitation and Coaching skills for team leaders in Corporate America. See the details here.

"Leslie is an amazing front of the room leader and facilitator - full of grace and ease, relatable, sincere, thoughtful and thought provoking. She brings a group to life and challenges them to explore unchartered territory."
Marsha Acker,
Founder of Team Catapult, Leadership & Team Coach