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a high-vibe fusion of dance and parts work like you’ve never seen before! 

If you answered yes to a few of those questions... 


I invite you into the sacred container of your dreams where you'll find your body’s moving wisdom and divine, feminine power. 


Access your Higher Self through this cutting-edge technique I created of combining Internal Family Systems (IFS) with dance to find greater clarity, compassion, confidence and connection.


Using this tried and tested technique, you’ll develop a trusting relationship between your Higher Self and your parts, finding transformation at the deepest levels - the heart and the body! 

Are you a therapist, coach, medicine facilitator, healer or spaceholder for others' well-being? 

Are you familiar with Internal Family Systems, commonly known as "parts work"?


Do you recognize your protectors and exiles when they are activated? 


Do you know your Higher Self is your best healer, and yet struggle to access it sometimes? 


Love to dance but don’t find enough time or space for it? 

What previous participants have said: 

"One session is worth multiple massages and therapy sessions!"

"This work is the antidote to life."

"That session was divine intervention and timing!"

"That was the most embodied I've ever been, except for my two childbirths."

"I kept going in and in and in."

In this program, you can expect 9 months of: 

  • An intimate group limited to 8 carefully selected women

  • 36 hours (12 sessions of 3 hours each) of in-person, curated and facilitated experiences that strengthen the relationship between your Embodied Higher Self and your parts. 

  • Guided warm-ups that loosen up your joints and muscles, prevent injuries and enhance each dance practice. 

  • Time for you to share from the heart, be fully seen, witnessed and celebrated by others who are on the inner journey along with you. 

  • Beautiful environments including sacred spaces in nature and rockin' music playlists created by Ben Homola, the DJ of Brattleboro Conscious Dance. 

  • Guidance using processing and tracking tools such as journaling and mapping your parts. 

  • A private, online group for staying in touch and accountable, and for getting up to date, in case you miss a session. 

At the end of 9 months, imagine having greater access to your Higher Self, knowing it has a healthy, trusting relationship with your parts.


Confident in this relationship between your Higher Self and your parts, you can dance to the beat of what this crazy world throws at you.

Dancing will also feel more natural, more expressive, more healing and more fun!

Who is the facilitator? 

I’m Leslie Zucker, and I’m passionate about staying healthy, flexible, and strong so that I can use my body for all kinds of good in the world! My primary love languages are words of affirmation and touch, and my Myers Briggs Type is ESTJ. 


I received a master degree from the School for International Training and then lived overseas and worked in International Development for a few decades. Eventually I prioritized inner work, nature, partnership and community, and moved to southern Vermont, got married and gratefully, manifested an incredible life of abundance. 


I’m now a professional life coach, certified by the International Coach Federation, and trained in Internal Family Systems. I am also a published author of a book and a blog about parts work, the co-founder of Brattleboro Conscious Dance and ParaLabs, a collaborative experiment in awakening intentional spiritual community. 

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