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"Leslie's energy is contagious! I love that she encourages us to move our bodies as well as our minds."
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While it is nice to have credentials, the real important thing about Leslie is that she really KNOWS facilitation and she is an extremely sincere teacher who always works to serve the learning of each and every student.
​- Daniel Mezick, Founder of Open Space Agility and 
   New Technology Solutions, 
Author of The Culture Game

Leslie is an EXCELLENT coach. What makes Leslie an excellent coach is the power of her questions and the challenges she offers at the end of each session.  Leslie's help made me stronger so that I could find the answers myself. I appreciate and admire her rigor and fearless coaching. I am better for it.

-  April Boddie, Executive Assistant and Life Coach

There’s no way I could possibly describe in words the appreciation I feel. I started working with Leslie when I knew I needed change but was unsure what that change should be.  Leslie helped me clarify the changes I needed to make, solidify my commitment to making those changes, and trust myself to handle the results of those changes.  I would not have succeeded without her insightful, honest observations and thoughtful guidance.

- Alex Short, Web Developer and IT Specialist

You have no idea how incredibly helpful you were today. Even though I have the same amount of work at the moment, I feel such a relief and excitement because I feel like I have the insight now to refocus my business based around my unique brilliance. I love this concept, and it feels like such a surprise gift—because just yesterday I had no idea we were going to talk about this today. And I know that I was heading toward burnout and was only previously considering band-aids, not solutions. 

 Melanie Padgett Powers, Owner of MelEdits

I want to compliment you, because I found myself self-coaching this morning, just the way we've worked on together. I was feeling grumpy and not sure why. I was able use the questions you've asked me during our coaching sessions

to ask myself where my feelings came from. I got a lot of clarity from the

little session I had with myself while making breakfast. Being able to own

and name my feelings like that helped me feel less ruled by them and

helped me to let them go (or they let me go)!

- Eva Jannotta, Social Media Strategist, Owner of Simply Put Strategies

You model well what you sell, as you give the workshop. That makes the whole experience congruent for you and gives you credibility. What it does for me is: highlight that my workshops are informational teaching with practice. With no intent to sell :-) I think that's what I want underneath in fact.

- Andrea Chiou, Agile and Clean Language Coach

I am happy that you receive my vulnerability with an open heart and you are here to support me in all kinds of challenges. I would like to believe that our work together is not only about how to deliver a signature workshop, but more about building character and muscles to expand beyond the stories that hijacked my brain, and create a more powerful story!​ It has been an opportunity to focus, meet myself again, own my story, and get rid of what doesn't serve me. So yes, it's a step to bring me closer to the 100%.  I  believe that I am meeting my better successful self  since I attracted you to my life. :)

Ghada Bitar Khalifeh, Coach, Nutritionist and Conscious Leader

Leslie relentlessly pursues brutal honesty and makes sure that every session ends with an actionable conclusion. The sessions have been fun, dynamic and creative, and I’ve come out with strategies that I am using --  with results.

- Matt Brown, Director of Exchange and Training, World Learning

Happy Thanksgiving! I just wanted to say that this year you are one of the things I’m thankful for. Your help really broke things open for me.

- Katie Gustafson, Writer and Editor

YOU helped shift my mind. I slept 8 hours and woke up without anxiety for the first time in a long while. What a gift. It is still working its way around and in me. Thank you Thank you.

- Lauren Lewis, Actor

I have learned so much during our work together, and really enjoyed our conversations. You are an extremely intuitive and empathetic coach, which I think is especially impressive as we've only spoken by phone. I'd imagine in person gives more emotional clues, but it doesn't seem to hinder you in the least.

- Dana Schwartz, Author

When I began my coaching sessions with Leslie, I had reached an impasse in my life that I was desperately trying to overcome. I couldn't see clearly to accomplish my professional goals or remain the upbeat, happy person that I knew I was deep down inside.  After just three sessions with Leslie, I re-connected with my inner strength and found a new sense of peace. I learned to be more accepting of things outside of my control, intentional in my thinking and decision making, and purposeful in protecting and replenishing my reservoir of personal happiness and self-fulfillment.  Now I feel more in charge of my life and my goal is in sight.  I have more clarity and I'm my own accountability measure for success.  Daily, I take small, intentional, measurable, and concrete steps toward achieving my personal and professional goals.  I'm back in charge!  I'm happy! ...and I'm loving life all over again!   Thanks, Leslie!

- Nichelle M., Real Estate

We had two workshops this weekend and we now have five people who have signed on to become clients of our new introductory offer and it was such an amazing experience to have a really powerful, dynamic, experiential workshop and get such great feedback. Again, thanks so much!

- Amanda Hinman, Hinman Holistic Health Institute

In the 5 months I worked with Leslie she asked intriguing and insightful questions at the appropriate time all with no judgement. Through the follow up and exercises we did together I was led to a deeper understanding of myself. Now I am more thoughtful about my decision making.

- Stephanie Shear, Community Hiring & School Partnerships Manager

In my five years working with Leslie, I have seen an unprecedented shift in the quality of my life. Recently, when I was even less coachable than usual, she offered to step aside in the interest of my progress, until I pointed out (rather desperately) what a difference she’s made in my life, and how much I depend on and trust her. So if she has a flaw, it’s failing to recognize her full value, especially with hard cases like me.

- Grant Schmick, Software Engineer

The workshop design tools Leslie brought to the table provided a super user-friendly framework from which to create. Every minute together is highly efficient and no time is ever wasted.

- Julie Veitch, Life Coach

If you want to deliver killer workshops well, hire Leslie Zucker right now.  Leslie helped me get very, very clear and focused about not only the workshop, but how to enroll my participants as clients in a way that's authentic and from the heart. I felt prepared in a way I would have never felt doing my preparation alone.

- Maggy Sterner, Brand and Business Coach

Your advice is clear, simple and sound. I also really appreciate how you allowed all of us in the class to be ourselves- you encourage that instinctively. I have felt that in too much of my education my professors have told me and fellow classmates to change completely at our very cores- "...just be like me!". Some things are good for us to change. However, it's also important for us to celebrate our individuality and to be true to ourselves. Cheers to you! I recommend you highly to anyone wishing to learn effective strategies to create an effective workshop for marketing purposes. P.S. I love your stretches. I felt so much better afterwards.

- Aurelius (Rex) Gori, Gori Voice Studios, LLC

Leslie collaborated with me in creation of my wildly successful conference session that got rave reviews – repeatedly. Her coaching led to big improvements in my session presentation skills.

- Gail Jones-Nemet, Financial Systems Analyst

Before the workshop challenge I had not given any thought to a lower price point product to offer clients or prospective clients. Now I have a product that I am creating and I am very excited about it. Getting clarity about this missing piece was a great value for me and will make a big difference in my business.

- Sharon Smith, C-Suite Results

Before I took Leslie's workshop, I was working with an idea of a workshop but no idea how to make that idea into a reality. Now my idea is out of my head and onto paper and I am energized and I am scheduling my workshop for early next year. 

- Stephanie Jones Dorah, Coach

Working with Leslie helped me not only plan my workshop, but helped me better formulate and package the services I offer which was so helpful.  Not only did she help me deliver an excellent workshop, but the workshop led to the formation of the “Complexity & Praxis” Community of Practice which promises to be a dynamic learning community reaching far more organizations than I could hope to reach on my own.

- Kirsten Bording Collins, Adaptive Purpose

Thanks so much for your insights!  An hour's conversation with a sage is indeed worth a year of study!  Finding the right direction for my marketing workshop is such a relief.

- Tonda Bean, MBA, MSOD

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